Due to Covid-19, it is recommended that you check your temperature prior to coming in. If you are showing covid symptoms or have been exposed to a known covid carrier, you will need to reschedule your appointment. All surface areas and common areas are sanitized with EPA disinfectant between each client. Hand sanitizer will be available. No guests are allowed. 

What is Ombré Brows?

Ombre Brows/Powdered Brows are Shading. The procedure requires a permanent makeup machine with results of a semi-permanent makeup treatment. Ombre Brows use an Iron-Oxide based pigment, than that of a tattoo artist. 

How long does it last? 

Everyone's skin type is different; Ombre Brows can last up to 1-4 years. You may need to come in for touch-ups yearly, and some clients require a 1-2 year touch-up. *This is not required, but highly recommended.*

Does it hurt?

Most of our clients will agree that the procedure is tolerable with a pain level of 1-3 (0-non, 10-worst). We use a highly effective topical anesthetic containing lidocaine and a numbing gel that is applied before and during your procedure. All techniques are designed to be gentle procedures with minimal discomfort, and the degree of discomfort will depend on several factors (if you opt for anesthetics, location of treatment, and pain threshold).

What do I need to know before my appointment?

-Do not drink alcohol or caffeine 24-48 hours prior to your procedure (including the day of). Do not drink alcohol in excess after your procedure as it will slow down your healing process.

-Do not tan two weeks prior to the service or have a sunburned face.

-Do not pick/tweeze/wax/perform electrolysis one week before the procedure

-Do not wax, tint or tan the eyebrow area 3 days prior.

-No treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, retinol, laser or facials 2 weeks before your appointment.

-Do not get botox in the forehead or brow area 3 weeks prior to the procedure (No facial injections).

-Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior to the procedure (they are natural blood thinners).

-Do not take an Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief (these also thin the blood).

*Feel free to come in with eyebrow makeup on. It helps the artist to see how you like your brows and are used to seeing them*

Cancellation Policy:

-24 Hour Advance Notice- Any appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours forfeit the deposit and are subject to a 50% payment of the service booked. If the appointment is a "no-show", the full service amount will be charged. Not as a fee, but as a liquidated charge as the slot may not be re-booked for another client. If another appointment us requested, another deposit must be paid. NO EXCEPTIONS


-Pregnancy or nursing

-Diabetic patients

-Skin diseases

-Directly after Botox treatment (after 30 days is allowed)

-If you have a pacemaker, *machine use is not allowed*

-Very sensitive and pain intolerant

-Sunburn or frostbitten (allowed after symptoms are gone)

-Seborrhea Dermatitis

-Very dry or peeling skin

-Moles on the brows